Our firm was established in 1994 to combine the experience of its principal & staff as a group that would be able to completely service our international clients in all phases of natural stone and ceramic construction. We offer all pre-construction and construction services necessary to evaluate, expedite and construct medium to large scale projects. Our full service abilities have created a standout consulting firm unique to the stone industry. With established locations in both Italy and New York, we can easily reach markets in North and South America as well as Europe.

Chris J. McConnell is managing partner in the firm, who is noted in the industry for experience and dedication to professional performance. Our full scope experience enables us to guide our clients through the early selection of proper materials, progressing through to punch list. Services begin with pre-construction project evaluation. The evaluation is performed after our initial drawing review and a meeting with the Owner/Developer and/or the builder. From the analysis we develop a “Pre-construction Scope of Services” package.

Mission Statement

We work diligently to educate our clients regarding the proper applications of stone. Empirical knowledge of our industry enables us to guide our clients in making informed decisions as to the best stones for their purposes. It is our policy to provide unbiased expert advice, so our clients can proceed with the knowledge that their interests have been our sole concern. Integrity, quality, and professionalism are the keystones of our firm’s business philosophy.


 Pre-construction Services Menu

Quality Survey: It is important to perform an accurate, trade specific, industry standard take-off of quantities for the stone and tile scope on the project. This will help to accurately determine or refine the current budget at an early stage of the project. This will be used as a tool to better manage the potential extra cost charges and legitimate change orders later on. The construction manager, to more accurately purchase the stone contracts, can use this survey. Understanding the detail of the project is crucial for a successful project. 

Inspection Services and System Failure Analysis

Budgeting and Cash-Flow Projections: Utilizing the quality survey CSCE will develop accurate scope budgets for the various areas of the project. These budgets reflect regional competitiveness. The level of detail will assist the project-purchasing agent during his analysis and award of the stone/tile scope.

Value Engineering: Utilizing the tools developed above (survey & budget), CSCE will be in a position to advise on various value engineering ideas to enhance the project. 

Material Research and Reports: CSCE will research all materials to determine the selected stone. CSCE will provide the most updated research to assist the client in initial stone selection or further due- diligence of a previously specified material.  CSCE will properly procure the stone to finish the project on time and within budget. These reports will advise the client regarding the proper use of material and suggest alternative materials to open the competitiveness of the project. 

Coordination and Assisting with the Development of the Stone Specification: This is performed along with the architects to ensure proper wording and proper procedures to insure a solid and safe specification.

Material Purchase and Procurement: CSCE will research the proper and competitive purchasing paths for the project material. We will establish all proper purchasing documents and purchase the material as “an agent” to the owner. This task enables the owner/developer to better control the procurement and color range of the material. 

Project Scheduling: CSCE will establish an accurate detailed stone project schedule, which incorporates block extraction, slabbing, drafting, fabrication, delivery and installation. 

Analysis of Suppliers and Installers: CSCE will research and provide a written report detailing the ability of the each potential supplier and installer for the project. The report will point out the strengths and weaknesses of the potential stone contractors, which will help the builder to better support the stone sub-contractor. 

Drafting Services: CSCE is staffed to provide full drafting services from anchor design completely through to shop ticketing for fabrication. 

Construction Services

Site Construction Inspection: CSCE can provide periodic site inspections or full time site management to better support the stone contractor and the general contractor. 

Fabrication Inspection: CSCE will provide fabrication inspection services to insure compliance to the specification and approve color range. Our inspectors are trained to understand quarry extraction, block reviews, color reviews, fabrication reviews and scheduling reviews. 

Site testing: CSCE can organize and oversee any on-site testing which may be required for anchoring systems and back-up wall conditions.

Installations: if required CSCE can establish and manage a labor force for installation of the stone scope on a project as a manager for the Owner/Developer.